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17 April 2015

Easyfood ready with new Panini concepts

Sandwiches sell best when they are freshly made and healthy.

Convenience food producer Easyfood has created four new Panini concepts which are easy to implement and sell in any convenience store which makes sandwiches to order while you wait.

The core product is the Panini bread roll, which can be prepared in four different ways – oven-heated, toasted, with filling or on its own. The bread is prebaked so you just thaw it and serve. It is available with meat and cheese. The store can then create its own variants by adding selected vegetables, dips and dressings.

"We have developed two Panini variants. They are all we need to create innumerable recipes. A Panini is a flexible product with clear logistical advantages. They are ideal for breakfast, lunch and as snacks and meals on the go. We help our customers to create clever solutions based on the concept rather than on the product itself. The concept provides customers with a wealth of benefits," explains Andreas Brok-Hartvig, Global Concept Manager at Easyfood.

"The products are specially developed for the quick service segment, and the flavors are carefully selected to create products with broad appeal. These products are suitable for heating in different ways to accommodate the very different types of technical setups we see in the market," he adds.

Read more about our panini concepts here: Business Concepts

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