05 March 2018

Easyfood ready for even more major customers

In 2017, the food company Easyfood invested heavily in production equipment in order to be ready to add even more major customers to a list which already includes Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Tchibo and McCafe. The profit was DKK 14.2 million after tax.


Easyfood has continued to enjoy great success with its focus on solutions for coffee bars and cafés, especially abroad.


Therefore, in 2017, the company invested heavily in its production equipment to better suit its growing customer list.


“Innovation is not just about developing new products, but also about having entirely unique production equipment which, together with the unique skills of our employees, ensures us an advantage in the market,” points out Flemming Paasch, CEO of Easyfood.


“For this reason, in 2017, we have been thinking long-term and investing a lot of money in achieving stronger production. This means that we are now also first movers in terms of technology and have machinery and opportunities that no other company has. The result is that we can produce more faster in larger quantities and offer tailor-made solutions,” explains the CEO.


Easyfood emerged from 2017 with profits of DKK 14.2 million after tax, a small decrease from DKK 15.1 million in 2016. The profit is affected by extraordinary costs associated with the execution of large-scale investments in production facilities in the second half of 2017. At the same time, turnover rose from DKK 260 million in 2016 to DKK 297 million in 2017. The growth is especially due to success in foreign countries, where chains such as Starbucks, McCafe, Costa Coffee and Tchibo are on the customer list.


“In view of our investments, 2017 was a good year, which means that our position is now even stronger abroad. Our goal is still to own the category of coffee bars and cafés, and for us to become even more attractive to the major players in the market as we can create even better solutions for them,” says Flemming Paasch.


With Easyfood, customers gain access to thaw-and-serve high-end products that only require minimal kitchen facilities and are easy to handle for unskilled personnel. Customers are offered assistance with everything from concept development to product launches, thereby strengthening Easyfood’s position as a knowledge enterprise.


Easyfood develops, produces and supplies refined, high-quality convenience and bread-based products for the Danish and global markets. The company focuses in particular on ready-made solutions and concepts for convenience coffee bars and cafés as well as convenience stores and specialises in the following value propositions: Flexible production, innovation, differentiated products and convenience.


The company, which was founded in 2000, currently employs 150 staff.

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