20 March 2015

Easyfood learns from handball players

The new partnership agreement between Easyfood and IKA Kolding, a culture and sports academy, deals with everything but sportswear and logos. In fact, there will be no Easyfood logo on the shirts of the 45 young handball players currently enrolled at the academy. The young elite players will, however, get to know the company and have opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation and to apply for jobs during their handball careers. In exchange, Easyfood will learn how talented sportsmen and women are trained and how the academy works with elite handball.

Flemming Paasch, Managing Director at Easyfood, is delighted to support the academy in an unusual way, which also ensures that his company can learn new things. Easyfood has already hired its first IKA student and used the services of a mental trainer associated with the academy. The company will also be testing its products on the young elite sportsmen and women. For example, this spring the players tested some of the new Easyfood ChiaBar protein bars.

"I like the academy's approach to working with young people. They create focused students who not only are good at their sport but also do well in other spheres because, as elite players, they have learned to concentrate. They have also learned what "respect" really means and this can create value in a company like Easyfood. It is important to note that this is no sponsorship. Our agreement is all about mutual development. IKA is effectively coaching our company," explains Flemming Paasch.

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