01 June 2015

Easyfood launches new protein bar with chia seeds

Do you grab a protein bar after intensive training? Or do you just like a snack with ingredients with no white sugar and no additives, artificial sweeteners or gluten?

Why not try Easyfood's new ChiaBar? This is a new protein bar with chia seeds and a long list of natural ingredients, including blueberries, goji berries, dates and pumpkin seeds. The market for healthy snacks has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and consumers expect to know all there is to know about products and ingredients. Chia seeds are expected to become the next big hit in healthy snacks.

The name "chia" comes from the Mayan language and means "strength". Chia seeds are said to give runners, warriors and messengers the strength and stamina they need to keep going all day long. Chia seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids. ChiaBar is baked at a low temperature to enhance the flavours and avoid undesirable microor¬ganisms.

Our ChiaBar has a well-balanced fruity taste of apple, lemon and blueberries. It contains crunchy almonds as well as pumpkin and chia seeds. The bar is also delicately spiced with cinnamon and apple.
ChiaBar is made from natural ingredients and contains no artificial colours or sweeteners.

The protein bar contains 28 percent protein and is an excellent natural addition to any busy life. It is soft and easy to eat.

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