15 March 2018

Easyfood launches collaboration with coffee roaster

Food company Easyfood seeks to own the market for coffee bars and cafés and is already delivering to major customers such as Starbucks, Tchibo and McCafe. Now the company is launching a collaboration with Danish coffee roastery Holy Bean to bring passion, expert knowledge and the aroma of coffee into the very core of Easyfood.


How should coffee be roasted to suit certain foods? And does it necessarily need to be dark and have a slightly bitter taste?


There are many questions if you want to be a coffee expert – and that’s what food company Easyfood wants, with coffee bars and cafés around the world as its target group. Easyfood has therefore just started a collaboration with the Funen coffee roastery Holy Bean, which has in-depth knowledge of coffee and its properties. It will provide a new holistic experience and ambiance around Easyfood’s products – and bring the aroma of coffee into the very core of the business.


“For Easyfood, it’s important that we keep moving in the environments we want to sell to. The barista culture is strong here, thereforewe must also get close to the coffee experts, who are as knowledgeable as skilled vintners and know about flavour nuances that we can benefit from in our products. That’s what they do at Holy Bean, where we immediately fell in love with the passion and entrepreneurial spirit around coffee,” explains Flemming Paasch, CEO of Easyfood.


Holy Bean is run by coffee expert Sine Klejs Gren and Bo Haulund Nielsen. The roastery, which has existed since 2014, supplies cafés, businesses and private customers. The roastery focuses on the new Nordic coffee trend in which the coffee has a lighter roast, resulting in flavours that are sweet, and tart and more fruity and light than a more traditional, dark  and bitter coffee.


“The collaboration aims to strengthen Easyfood’s position with the target group because at Holy Bean, we have a foundation and a knowledge of coffee that can give them an advantage. We are baristas, but we see ourselves more as coffee experts. We look at the bean, working with roasting and tasting the coffee until the roast is perfect. We see coffee as a specialty item equivalent to wine and believe that coffee is a much bigger experience than just gulping down a black liquid. The coffee bars know that – and therefore we can better target them with Easyfood products when the coffee experience is integrated into the process from the start,” says Sine Gren from  Holy Bean.


And it is precisely this passion for raw ingredients and expert knowledge that Easyfood wants to bring into the company.


“By presenting our products to Holy Bean, they can help create a synergy and taste experience that transcends that of drinking coffee or eating cake separately. We bring a coffee expert into the very heart of the company, so we integrate the coffee concept from the beginning and learn how to put together our bakery products so that they suit our customers’ coffee products, ” says Flemming Paasch.


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