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20 October 2020

Easyfood defies coronavirus and builds new production line

Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, after some tough months of furloughs and redundancies, the food producer is now preparing for increased growth in the international markets. The new line, which will exclusively salty snacking products, will be ready by the end of 2022

Major International partner are a gearing up the co-operation with Easyfood, which specialises in innovative products and concepts for coffee shops and cafes. 

And the international adventure is now going so well that it is necessary to expand the bakery in Kolding. This is even more pleasing to management because, with the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a challenge.

“2020 is still going to be a bad year for us. But after some tough months, we are now being flooded with new orders, and we can see that 2021 will once again be a year of growth for Easyfood. It was an example of timely care when, in the spring, we first furloughed people and then unfortunately had to follow up with redundancies. But now, we are on our way back on the growth track,” says CEO Flemming Paasch 

Easyfood already has two production lines, but before the end of 2022, a third line will be ready. This became a reality when Easyfood’s majority owner, Orkla, recently decided to invest an amount in the three-digit million range in a new production line. 

“Easyfood has undergone impressive growth in recent years, and if this is to continue, increasing production capacity is necessary. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have postponed the final investment decision. Now, however, it is time to start the expansion of the bakery in Kolding. With the new line, we can scale the export adventure further with new international customers, just as there will be room to target markets such as Sweden, Norway and Finland, where Orkla is already strong,” says Carsten Hänel, Chairman of Easyfood.

With its production, Easyfood has positioned itself between the classic artisan baker and actual industrial production, like that of major bread manufacturers, and this niche is what the expansion allows cultivating. The new third production line will handle Easyfood’s large production of sausage rolls, while the two existing lines will be freed up for the development of more specialised products. 

“The customers we talk to and work with today are so large that we need to be able to provide greater capacity when they place an order. Now, we can both take a quantum leap with our production of salty snacking products and secure the capacity to develop internationally,” says Flemming Paasch.

He is pleased that the decision on a third production line will finally confirm Easyfood’s decision to remain in Kolding, even though new owners have come in. Orkla wants to run its business through strong, local companies. This applies to companies such as Kims in Søndersø and Odense Marcipan in Odense – and now also Easyfood in Kolding. The production line will be built just west of the existing buildings on a plot of land that Easyfood has owned for some time. 


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