10 September 2015

Easyfood CEO wants to see more creative environments in Kolding Municipality.

Even more creative entrepreneurial environments are needed in Kolding – for example in the areas of film production and storytelling. Easyfood CEO Flemming Paasch believes this so strongly that he has invited horror filmmakers Tape_7 Productions to make use of the food company's premises at no charge.

It is not immediately obvious what a bread producer with a focus on innovative food solutions for coffee bars and convenience stores has in common with a small film production company specialising in the horror genre. 

Yet Easyfood CEO Flemming Paasch recently invited the horror movie experts from Tape_7 Productions to move into some empty rooms in the company's buildings in north Kolding at no charge. He did this because he wants to see something different happening in the company – and also because he wants to lead the way in promoting creative entrepreneurial environments in Kolding. He feels there are not enough of these.

"If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself," as Flemming Paasch says."We are naturally doing this because we believe it creates value for Easyfood when we cultivate diversity and meet new people, but also because all of Kolding benefits if innovative entrepreneurial initiatives take place here. We are a city and municipality which talks about design, thinking outside the box and looking at bold angles. If we are to succeed, a variety of additional entrepreneurial environments must be created, for example in the areas of film production and storytelling."

"We have large cultural institutions and the right educational programmes, as well as a few existing development environments. But there is a need for even more creativity and innovation, and venues with cheap rent and the space to develop ideas in a melting pot, if companies are to arise which can grow and create jobs in the city," according to the CEO.

Tape_7 Productions settled in Kolding in 2014 and wants to create an environment surrounding the development of horror movies, a film niche not many people in Europe are focusing on. The production company has also experimented with a horror school for young people. The company has support for its idea of a film environment from both Kolding Municipality and Business Kolding, but lacks financing. Mona Skriver, who runs the company, is therefore thankful for the aid from Flemming Paasch and Easyfood. Perhaps this will help attract investors.

"By focusing on horror movies, we can establish a model for creating international genre films in Denmark, and set up a talent environment for instructors, scriptwriters, musicians, photographers, light technicians, designers and marketing and communications people. This can draw on many of the graduates from the educational institutions in Kolding, and give them the opportunity to stay in Kolding," says Mona Skriver.

Tape_7 Productions is currently working on a horror movie called 'Doula', which is being recorded in USA and is expected to premiere in cinemas there some time in 2016. However, it is hoped that the subsequent movies can be recorded in Kolding.

 For further information, contact CEO Flemming Paasch, Easyfood, on +45 4070 7107 or Mona Skriver, head of Tape 7 Productions, on +45 8173 0057. You can watch a teaser trailer for the company's coming horror movie, 'Doula', at https://youtu.be/nTkLCQvgcog.

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