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11 March 2015

Easyfood builds Innovation Center after record year

Food manufacturer Easyfood continues to grow and ends 2014 with a profit of DKK 5.8 million and a turnover of DKK 200 million. Now the company is strengthening its innovative profile with a creative center which includes a fully operational café at its headquarters in Kolding, Denmark.

Easyfood has been known for its innovation and uniqueness in the food industry for many years.

Now the company is turning up the heat on creativity and concept development. Easyfood has established an Innovation Center where Easyfood employees are immersed in the world that the company’s products and solutions target. This includes a fully equipped café and space for activities such as testing creative sales situations and pop-up shops. Easyfood has also hired a designer and a professionally trained chef as a concept developer. Together, they develop concepts in close cooperation with customers and also on location at the customers’ operations, placing them in the middle of sales and use situations.

The Innovation Center comes on top of yet another record year for Easyfood. The company finished 2014 with a profit of DKK 5.8 million and a turnover of DKK 200 million. This increasing success is due, not least, to growth on foreign markets including Poland, Germany and Scandinavia. Growth is expected to continue in 2015 – bolstered by the possibilities the new Innovation Center can offer.

”We want to support holistic thinking and a work culture that enables employees to think creatively, differently, and as close to the customers’ reality as possible. With our new Innovation Center, we get a working laboratory and workshop, reducing the distance between customers and users. We are also focusing on building an international employee culture with inspiration and competencies from several continents, which will ensure the company a competitive advantage on the global arena,” explains Easyfood’s CEO Flemming Paasch.

”We have brought 14 years of experience in the food industry together into a unique business model which is designed to solve challenges and create value for customers so that they can grow and further develop their own business concepts. Now we are being rewarded in the market. We have created a big playground that will benefit our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders,” adds the CEO.

Easyfood develops, manufactures and delivers value-added quality products, specializing in bread-based convenience products for the Danish and the European markets. The company focuses primarily on complete concepts and solutions for convenience stores, cafés and coffee shops and is driven by the following value propositions: flexible production, innovation, differentiated products and convenience.

”We achieved the good result in 2014 by working intensively with our innovation strategy and staying the course. This makes everything easier because the focus is self-reinforcing. We can turn down bad business and concentrate on what we do best. This accelerates positive development,” says Flemming Paasch.

For further information, you are welcome to contact CEO Flemming Paasch, Easyfood, at (+45) 76 30 87 00 or (+45) 40 70 71 07.

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