27 March 2015

Design project created better waste management

"Easyfood is not just a company. It is a principle. A principle which pays tribute to offbeat partnerships and unorthodox ways of running a business. A principle which focuses on product development – and which has a clear corporate vision to become market leader."

This quote from Managing Director Flemming Paasch appears in the introduction to an article about Easyfood in "Bæredygtige fortyrrelser" (Sustainable Disruptions), a book published earlier this year. The book describes a two-year project at Kolding Design School, in which Easyfood took part. The project focused on creating financially sustainable businesses using design thinking to gather new knowledge, create insight and apply new tools.

At Easyfood, the project focused on waste management on the production line. The designers assigned to work with the company resolved their task by making one simple change. They discovered that 70 percent of the employees did not understand the engineers' description of, e.g. when to discard a sausage roll.

Instead, the designers set up pictures of how a good sausage roll must look and graded all products at gold, silver and bronze levels. They made it possible to differentiate between products in terms of quality, efficiency – and waste. Easyfood learned to adopt a holistic approach to waste from early in the development phase – and to assess waste right up to the consumption phase.

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