13 June 2016


Organic food has spread to all areas of the food industry. Including the convenience segment, which is Easyfood's core business. We are therefore launching Organic Bites – a new series of organic products that offer well-known convenience products in enticing organic versions.

The new series appeals to discerning consumers with a focus on health, quality and responsibility. Organic Bites allow distributors to offer this target group something easy and delicious, while prioritising a snack which can be enjoyed with a slightly better conscience.

Organic Bites are organic alternatives to a range of the most popular convenience products. They are therefore easy to integrate into the product range, and make it simple for consumers to choose organic items. The entire series is based on the thaw-and-serve principle, so they are easy to handle at the sales level. Several products can be heated, if desired.

The series includes white and wholemeal pita bread, three varieties of scones, two wholemeal focaccias, sausage rolls and a new bite with ham and ricotta cheese. Well-known products that can be served with coffee or provide a quick delicious meal on the move.

See the products here: Organic Bites

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