04 December 2015

15 years of growth for Easyfood

The ideas and principles behind the establishment of the Danish food company Easyfood have today become global trends focusing on food waste and user-driven innovation in the food industry. Now the company can celebrate its 15th anniversary.


Groundbreaking thaw-and-serve products. User-driven innovation. New ways of working and being organised. Unconventional cooperation. Less food waste.

These were just some of the key points when, fifteen years ago, Flemming Paasch and his two colleagues Peder Christensen and Jimmy Nielsen founded the food company Easyfood in the industrial district to the north of Kolding. Back then the company was a small player with slightly different, if not off-the-wall ideas.

Now, however, Easyfood is regarded as a pioneer within the food sector – and many of its founding ideas are today global trends because of the focus which has been placed on them by Easyfood and others. At the same time, the company is seeing considerable growth in demand for its products for convenience stores such as coffee bars, service stations and kiosks.

2014 was a record year for Easyfood with revenue of DKK 200 million, a figure which has grown further in 2015.

Therefore, there is every reason to be happy when the company celebrates its 15th anniversary at the beginning of December.

“It has been an incredibly exciting journey. It has not been without its hurdles, and it is no secret that there were years where we struggled. But now we have a firm foothold in the Danish and European markets, and recently we were in Japan to present our products and talk to potential customers,” says CEO Flemming Paasch.

“Our key strength is our belief that it can pay to think and act differently. We want to support a holistic approach and employee culture which makes it possible to think both creatively, out of the box and as close to the customer’s situation as possible. New ideas therefore come from all types of employees – not just from a specific concept department. We work informally and effectively with a flat structure,” says the CEO in conclusion.

Today, Easyfood develops, produces and supplies processed quality products within a broad range of convenience products for the Danish and European markets. The company focuses on complete solutions and concepts for convenience stores, cafés and coffee bars while adding value through the following: Flexible production, innovation, product differentiation and convenience.

The fact that Easyfood is today regarded as a key business partner in the convenience industry was highlighted at the end of November when the company was invited to join the Allegra European Coffee Symposium together with much bigger international players and chains.

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