31 January 2015

Panini - Some like it hot

We have expanded our product range to include two delicious Panini variants; tasty bread rolls with a delicious filling. Both the new variants, Panini with chicken and Panini with ham and cheese, are pre-baked. Just thaw and serve. Panini can be adapted to any assortment as they can be cooked in different ways. You can heat a Panini in a toaster or in the oven and serve either with a fresh salad or on its own.

Panini with Chicken
Product no.: 1700.3496 - weight: 140 g - carton: 4 x 10 pcs.

Panini with ham and cheese
Product no.: 1700.3497 - weight: 140 g - carton: 4 x 10 pcs.

Unique benefits
- convenience food
- easy and hygienic handling
- good for sales campaigns and special offer menus
- can be filled with crispy salad
- serve toasted or oven-baked
- perfect on the go
- minimal waste

Read more about our Panini with Chicken here.
Or read more about our Panini with ham and cheese here.

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